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RECETA: Arroz con leche.

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1-A little bit of salt
2-A pound of rice
3-Half a liter of water
4-A liter of milk
5-A tin of condensed milk
6-A cup of raisins
7-Sugar to taste
8-Half of pound of double cream cheese
9-Cinnamon to taste

Firts wash the hands, anda water the ri until the water comes out completely clear.
Second boil water with cinnamon and salt add rice and milk, cook about on hour or until the rice is tender.Mix the rice with more frequency as it advances time.
Third add the sugar and leave for 15 minutes more mixing, it constanty so it does hot burn.
Finally remove the cinnamon stick and add the condensed milk,chesse and raisins and decorate with cokies.

English in your hands.

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Flight attendant:

1-What does a person with this job or career do every day?

A flight attendant or cabin crewmember is a person in charge of the status and operation of various parts of the aircraft and emergency material.

-How does a person get his job? What do they need study before getting this job?

A person gets this job doing a professional career as a flight attendant which lasts 10 months, the person who wants to work as a flight attendant must specialize in hospitality, tirismo, services on board among others such as airport management, geography, first aid , English; etc.

3-Where do people with his job work?

A flight attendant works in airports most of all.

4-Why is this job interesting to you?

This work interests me because I can travel, know different cultures, customs, I can learn different languages.